A sound to fall in love with!

Bech V finished


After around a year of painstaking work the Bechstein Model V grand is finished and ready to go back. I first thought that the sound would be on the mellow side I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once the setting up was done the sound came alive in the most amazing way. This piano is everything a good piano should be, full-sounding, mellow when played lightly, bright and loud when pushed hard. If I’ve ever wanted to keep a piano after reconditioning work then this is the one! The work represents the most in depth restoration so far and boy has it all paid off. Oh and I nearly forgot (but you’ll see in the picture), the case is in Rio rosewood, now an endangered treeĀ and almost impossible to source. In the quantities needed for a piano you’d need a second mortgage to buy a new one in this finish.
click on the image for a closer look.