Acoustic or Digital Piano. Which is best for me?

Acoustic+Electronic Comparison Click on the checklist for a closer view.

I meet many people who, for one reason or another have chosen to live with a digital (or electronic piano) finding that it best suits their needs. There are, maybe predictably advantages and disadvantages. Whenever one chooses a synthetic recreation of a product over the traditionally made type there are bound to be shortcomings. So what are these advantages and disadvantages, what are the most important things to consider when making a choice?  The list above details 14 of the more common considerations. The points covered are a result of discussions with piano buyers, tuners, restorers, performers, teachers and retailers. I hope to find time to write a buying guide at some point soon, it will feature the above checklist alongside detailed information on all types of pianos. In the meantime feel free to contact me through the contact page with any questions, if I can help, I will!