“So what made you become a tuner?”

Weber Gra (3)

It’s a question often asked, I guess we are not nearly as numerous as plumbers or builders so maybe an explanation is a fair thing to ask for, after all one doesn’t meet a piano tuner every day. The question is one I wrestle with as it’s not really clear to me whether there was a ‘eureka moment’ or whether a slowly evolving connection led me gently into the world of the piano. One definite landmark is the commencement of an apprenticeship in a piano workshop in 1988 where I learned from some great technicians and tuners. Without the break who knows? I may have become a plumber, like a good friend from my school days.

This week a new addition has been made to the stock. Pictured above is a 14 year old Weber grand. At 5’5″ the piano is best categorised as a boudoir grand. The tone is medium bright and the action is good. Having only been used as a beginner’s instrument the mechanism is barely ‘worn in’ meaning that it plays as if brand new. Available for sale now, £5500.  £2750