Pianos for Festivals, Varnish and Paint, Whizzy things and… Accordions.

June14_collageThe little Chappell hire piano made an appearance at the inaugural ‘Tandem’ festival, where a great time was had by all (1). Sometimes accordions land on the workshop doorstop and I’m not one to turn away an ailing squeezebox! Quite a few reeds to tune and get working, one or three of them will need new valves (2). It’s always exciting when a new tool comes along and speeds up an otherwise dull and laborious task and the new whizzy dentist drill type mini-brush-wheel thing is great for tiny cleaning jobs (3). The seventh and final coat of traditional polyurethane yacht varnish has been applied and the Bechstein soundboard is looking fabulous (4). A steady hand is a must when re applying the lettering on a grand frame (5)    …remember – clicking on the image will open a nice big version in a new window!