November… and it’s busy, busy, busy in the workshop.

Grand News…

The Crane has been out again as the latest reconditioning job gets underway. Here we have  a 120 year old Bechstein grand. The first job is repairing splits in the soundboard, approximately two day’s work (likely to become approximately three days). The hammers are away for recovering in Germany and the Bass strings are with one of the UK’s finest remanufacturers.


Following the de-string, frame removal and cleaning it’s time to start the soundboard repairs.

Upright News…

Also, new homes are being found for pianos in the collection or via the piano re-homing service (where pianos in the wider world are located to suit size and taste). The latest instrument located and put into good order for a customer is this charming little Zender, probably the smallest 85 note piano ever made at just 50 inches wide, that’s smaller than any full scaled digital piano (and far better looking)!

The smallest 85 note British piano ever made!

Probably the smallest 85 note British piano ever made!